About Me

As a qualified counsellor with just short of 20 years' experience of working with individuals and couples, I now offer professional, compassionate and effective couples counselling in St Chloe, Amberley near Stroud.

I was born and grew up in Sweden, where I trained as a Primary School teacher. Since then England has always been my base, but I have lived and taught in other parts of Europe, the Middle East as well as South East Asia. I have a very good understanding what it's like to live and work in different cultures and managing change and transition.

My interest in counselling began when I started individual counselling during a mid-life crisis some years ago whilst living in Singapore. It tuned my life around! So, after 30 years having been a teacher, I then decided to train as a counsellor, a decision I have never regretted. Since then, my motto has been 'Know yourself - Enrich your life!'

I have been in my own extensive individual counselling as well as in couples counselling.

I have also worked with individuals as well as couples experiencing challenging situations revolved around re-locating either within or returning to the UK, or moving abroad. Moving to a foreign country with a different language, different culture, different climate and perhaps far away can feel very difficult. I speak here from a number of personal experiences,  as well as being part of an Anglo-Swedish couple for many years. Although challenging I would like to add how enriching those experiences can also be!

Counselling Training

  • First year of a Diploma in Counselling, Counselling and Psychological Recourses, Singapore
  • Diploma in Humanistic and Integrative Counselling (3 years), Bath Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BCPC)

Working with Couples lead by Jill Gabriel, an extensive year-long course dealing with all aspects of couples’ work. (112 course hours)

External Professional Activity

  • 5 years on the Training Committee at Bath Centre of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BCPC)
  • 3 years as a Trustee at Bath Centre of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BCPC)

Other professional courses related to couples counselling

  • Couples in conflict, Psychosexual counselling 
  • Couples and affairs,
  • Using CBT with couples, Gender issues, Suicidal awareness,
  • Erotic transference and Countertransference, The Stuck Couple,
  • Alcohol abuse and its effect on the family
  • Attachment and the couple, Working with Anger,
  • A Relational approach to couples’ counselling