Relationship Courses

I created these structured courses because in my couples counselling, I felt frustrated that some problems could have been prevented if those involved had had more understanding of what went wrong and why, before too much hurt had come in the way.

This gave me the idea about creating these courses. I used my considerable knowledge from years of teaching, combined with my extensive experience as an individual and couples counsellor and  as well as personal experience from the ups and downs of a long marriage.

All courses take place at The Padang, St Chloe, Amberley, Stroud, GL5 5AS

The courses  are not counselling but they are for you to learn more about relationships!

Invest in your relationship, it could be the best investment you have ever made!

What is covered in all my courses, at various depths because of time available, I think can be best be explained by L.H.  Gordon, Founder of PAIRS             "We need to know not only about love and affection and sensuality and sex and passion, but also about how to deal with anger and pain and jealousy and fear and excitement and joy; how to deal with differences in a way that builds rather than destroys. We need to understand our own history, our past hurt, the scars we bear and the grudges we hold from far back that still influences us today. We need to look at how our parents influenced us in various ways, some better than others. We need to learn and listen to each other."

There is complete flexibility over how all my courses can be managed. Please contact me to discuss how it could work for you.

Sustaining Love - keeping the flame alive

  • A two-day in-depth relationship course for couples


  • A one-day taster about relationship course for couples

How to have the relationship you truly want

A one-day taster about relationships for individuals as a group of up to four people.

A two-day in-depth course about relationships for couples

This course will help you and your partner explore and understand how relationship work and learn about tools to deal with dangers – both apparent and hidden.

The two days will help you improve your communication skills and learn to genuinely listen to each other’s point of you – an essential skill, otherwise the relationship suffers.

The course will build your awareness of the importance of how your early lives and role-modelling from your parents’ impact on our adult relationships.

In a safe environment, we will explore difficult like intimacy, conflict, power struggles and anger; how to deal with them in an honest way which increased understanding and compassion

Many issues like money, children, perhaps step-children and domestic roles, will also be discussed in a clear and honest way.

The two-day course will also focus on learning about the need and importance of negotiation; no two people will always want the two same thing!

This extended, two day-course will allow you the time to explore what each other want from a balanced relationship where both your needs can be met, share hopes and dreams of your realistic future and be creative about how you can make that happen.



“Potential life changing! Amazingly ambitious and daring; something I wish I could have done 30 years ago. The course significantly exceeded my expectations or belief of what could have been achieved in the time. Incredibly good value for money. Thank you Gunilla” 

This course can also be taken over a number of shorter sessions

Price on request 

A one-day taster for couples

You, as a couple, will explore how to communicate and if/how that can be improved.

Together we will look at back on childhood and learn about the impact on your relationship; you will be amazed at what you will come to understand.  

Exploring the stages of love that all relationships go through will help you to recognise where your relationship is at, and why. Together you will reflect on how to be a more effective partner: small changes can often make big differences!

Finally, you will share thoughts and hopes for the future together. There will be time for discussions, sharing thoughts and ideas as well as reflect on what you both have learnt during the day.


"Gunilla’s course was an excellent opportunity to look at ways to improve and deepen our relationship. Looking at issues around our respective families helped us understand better just how"

"Much we bring our past into our present relationships and how to deal with that more effectively. We left the day feeling closer and with a better understanding of each other.’

‘Gunilla provided a safe, supportive and caring atmosphere to explore our relationship in.’

Price on request

Individual Courses

My couples courses have been so well received I felt it important to give individuals a chance to learn more about relationship, whether currently in one, or not. 

 A one-day course taster about relationships will focus on you and will help you understand why you have chosen the partners you have. It will cover communications skills, the importance of being single, and looking at how our parents and our early lives impact on our relationships.

We will find out about the stages of love and explore how best we can deal with differences in a caring and constructive way.

There will be time for discussions, sharing thoughts and ideas and reflect on new awareness and learning from that as well as “Where do I go from here?”



“Many thanks Gunilla for the thought provoking and insight-creating day full of openness, honesty and good spirit. I really appreciated the time out from daily life to think and feel deeply about such an important aspect of our lives. I appreciated the opportunity to look at the overall picture of how we came to be where we are in relationships. I was really helpful to have the time to reflect and take stock.”

“Thank YOU so much Gunilla, I found the day thought and emotionally provoking and really enjoyed sharing it with every-one. Thank you for making it so easy to be open and honest and to be able to explore and share out thinking and feeling on the on the subject.” 

This one-day course is for a minimum of 2 people and maximum of 4 people.

Price on request