My name is Gunilla 
Counsellor, Dip. H.I.C., MBACP

I am a qualified and experienced counsellor who has worked with individuals, couples and groups for just short of 20 years. 

Individual Counselling

Are you feeling that life isn’t working for you? Or that you might be at a crossroad in your life but don’t know what do or where to go with those feelings? For many years I have been helping people to explore these feelings and come to understand why this is happening, and I firmly believe that if we know and understand ourselves better then lasting changes can happen. 

I am fully committed to support and challenge clients to move towards those positive lasting changes by offering a safe and supportive environment for them to share their problems and worries with me. I offer a professional, compassionate, unbiased and non-judgemental space which can be very different to the support given by friends or family.

Couples Counselling 

Relationships are complex and I think, L.H. Gordon, founder of Pairs, best describes this. 

We need to know not only about love and affection and sensuality and sex and passion, but also how to deal with anger and pain and jealousy and fear and excitement and joy.

How we deal with differences in a way that build rather than destroy. We need to understand our own history, our past hurts, the scars we bear and grudges we hold from far back that still influences us today.

We need to look at how our parents have influenced us in various ways, some better than others.

We need to listen to each other.”

Couples counselling offers a safe and supportive environment to give the couple an important opportunity for both partners to be heard and understood. With a compassionate, non-judgemental therapist present, partners are helped to communicate again by discussing issues or problems that had previously felt too difficult or unsafe, This enables them to find creative and mutually beneficial solutions

With couples who have already decided to go their separate ways, couples counselling can support them to make this happen in the best way possible, in these difficult circumstances.

I have experience working with both opposite sex as well as same sex couples over many years.

My special one and two-day relationship courses are held in a calm, confidential and supportive environment. This gives the participants the knowledge, understanding and awareness which can have profound and long-lasting effect on their relationship, as borne out by feedback from many participants.

I also offer pre-nuptial counselling.

Only face-to-face counselling is offered and I see my clients in St Chloe, Amberley near Stroud.


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