Counselling for Couples

Relationships are challenging; we have two different people with different wants and needs, sharing a life together. When reality sets in after the falling in love period, it’s challenging to face up to our differences and work on the relationship rather than give up and move on.

I am passionate about relationships working well, because if they are not, the effect is felt not just by the couple themselves, but also by the people around them, especially if there are children involved.

For love to grow, it must grow and change in positive ways. This requires commitment from both partners; relationships are challenging and brings up different and often difficult emotions.

When problems occur in a relationship, communication can shut down and, if that happens, the best hope of finding a solution can be lost.

With a compassionate, non-judgemental therapist present, partners are helped to communicate again, discussing issues or problems that had previously felt too difficult or unsafe. This enables many couples to find new and better ways to relate, despite the inherent complex nature of relationships. 

"Invest in your relationship, it could be the best investment you've ever made."

Sometimes couples come for counselling simply because they feel that their relationship isn’t working to its full potential and want to find ways to make that happen.

With couples who have already decided to go their separate ways, couples counselling can support them to make this happen in the best possible way in these difficult circumstances.

I have experience from working with both opposite sex, as well as single sex couples over many years.

Each 60 minute session is £85 per couple per session.

Everything shared during a counselling session is confidential.